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The Ritual Pack

The Ritual Pack

A simplified, three-step ritual to practice consistently, and gently as part of your morning routine. Move slowly with intention for a daily return to self. With less, you are more.


Each pack includes our three ritual products:

01 - Tongue Scraper - Use after waking. Reach to the back of the tongue and gentle scrape 5-10 times. Eliminate toxins by rinsing each time. 

02 - Gua Sha - Apply a little face oil before massaging in circular movements in an outwards direction from the centre of the face, towards the lymph nodes in the jawline. Keep chilled in the fridge to enhance the cooling effect.

03 - Dry Body Brush - Use before showering to soften and smooth the skin. Starting at your feet, brush up the body towards the heart in short firm strokes. Use circular motions (clockwise) on your tummy and armpits. Brush for a few minutes to optimal energise and awaken. 


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Cotton Singlet

An organic soft cotton singlet for wearing, lounging, and just being you in. Nothing more, nothing less.


We’re here to remind you that being yourself is beautiful and seeking connection is essential.

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